Bloggers for Movember

Bloggers for Movember from Clown on Fire

My off kilter friend, Le Clown, from Clown on Fire is a stand-up guy. I’m pretty sure he’s also a sit down and lie down kind of guy too. After all, one cannot stand on one’s feet at all times unless one is a robot.  He is a Clown, not a robot.  Although I’m sure, after reading this, he will have a Le Clown robot action figure manufactured in order to spread and share his magnificence.

Moving on.

Apparently, in 2010 this non-robotic Canadian Clown participated in something called the Movember Digital Challenge, a Canadian effort to raise funds and awareness of Prostate Cancer by tapping into the proliferate digital media and the cool uncoolness of hipster dynamics.

Due to other factors in Le Clown’s life, he still considers prostate cancer a cause worthy of awareness and funds but has moved on to a different cause that is more personal and closer to home, mental health issues.  So, this year he has established Bloggers for Movember.

The reason for my shameless promotion of Le Clown today is because it is World Mental Health Day ~ a day to raise awareness and start reducing the stigma of mental health disorders worldwide and his efforts to establish and promote Bloggers for Movember, seeks to not only raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer, but it also:

“aims to reduce stigma, increase awareness and understanding of male mental health issues“

Since I have dealt with my own mental health issues and watched others struggle as well, this is an issue near and dear to me.  There have been and are men in my life who I have known are dealing with both diagnosed and undiagnosed mental health issues. The impact these issues have on them and those around them range from subtle and insidious to overt and prejudicial.

Therefore, I have volunteered to be involved in Bloggers for Movember and during the month of November 2012, I will have one or more posts regarding male mental health issues, from a personal perspective.

Please visit Le Clown and the facebook page for Bloggers for Movember. Share the links, spread the word, and help raise awareness, not just about prostate cancer but also about male mental health issues. Write. Read. Promote.



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