Yeah, THAT happened

Jerry no longer has a job. Yeah, THAT happened.  

After months of riding the emotional and psychological roller coaster of will he or won’t he keep his over the road truck driving job, he is now officially unemployed.  Meaning we have zero income.  So now we move over to a different emotional and psychological ride of figuring out how to get an income and keep the bills paid.

The issues Jerry was having with his job were increasing.  They would have 2-3 days every week where they were stuck without a load to drive.  Those in charge of logistics would give incorrect information about delivery times and resource availability.  His direct supervisor switched to a third guy.  Unlike the first two, this one was less communicative and less responsive, leaving Jerry and his co-driver hanging and waiting for load information.  Then, Jerry was contacted by some random guy wanting to be his co-driver.  He informed the guy he already had a co-driver.  The next day his supervisor informed him that he’d been placed on a list of people who needed co-drivers.  Due to company policy being touted as DOT regulations Jerry’s co-driver was being told he had to complete a $4,000 sleep apnea test, that the company wouldn’t pay for, in order to be able to keep his certification.  They weren’t kept running consistently enough to make ends meet or afford company insurance and this was not something his family could afford, so, basically he was being pushed out of his brand new job where he still owed the company money for his training.  Since Jerry has a difficult time dealing with people and finding another guy who he would be able to live and drive with in the confined spaces of a truck, the thought of going through the process of finding another driver and having to work for less money until a co-driver could be found, when what he was making was already barely meeting our family’s needs was very stressful and discouraging for Jerry.

His emotional distress over the job issues have been exacerbated by the fact that not only is 9/11 the anniversary of our nation’s most recent political and world tragedy, but it was also his dad’s birthday.  The dad who died at the end of February, just before starting this job and whom Jerry hasn’t really had a chance to grieve the loss of.  Worry, fear, and anger about his mom and the fact that she’s losing the house and her health is deteriorating.  His lifeline and grounding is Luna and not being able to see and interact with her on a daily basis was compounding his mental and emotional distress.  Factor into this his complete and total submersion into end times propaganda, complete with the vilification of Obama as the antichrist and all the different friends and family that feed into it with reports from Western Center for Journalism and Now The End Begins and now we also have fear and anger about the future of our nation and certainty that all is lost.

Which means it’s been very stressful for me, because every communication between us was strife with his frustration, fear and “righteous” anger.

The good in all of it is that I know he didn’t just abandon his job.  He had promised me that he wouldn’t leave that job until he had another one lined up, and he didn’t.  When he was on his home time in August, he was contacted by another trucking company that had local jobs.  He stayed in touch with them to let them know when he would be home again to determine the availability of a local position.  He followed through with his communications and completing the online application and forms that were requested of him.  He sent follow-up emails to the recruiter to ensure the process was going well.  He notified them promptly when his ETA for home time changed due to his existing job.  He received regular assurances that the process was going well and everything looked good.  He was told that they would fly him to a four day orientation and back and then he would start.  The only thing they were waiting on was a reference from a previous employer. We left a message for the previous employer requesting they either respond to the reference request or contact Jerry.

So, after they got home and unpacked the truck, Jerry immediately notified his supervisor that he was offered a local job and wouldn’t  be continuing his employment.  After some inflammatory emails were exchanged back and forth and then ruffled feathers smoothed, it was arranged for Jerry to drive a solo load back down to California in order to turn in the truck to the company terminal.  After four days home, he spent another four days driving and riding a Greyhound bus home, anticipating another short stay at home and trip to orientation for the new job.  Only to be told his first day on the bus that he wouldn’t be getting the job.

Why? Well, because supposedly and active warrant from another state for a bad check (which had been resolved) from 1999 popped up.  Something that hasn’t turned up in previous checks.  So, no job for Jerry and no income for us.

Now he’s worried about applying for other jobs and that his unemployment application will be denied because he voluntarily left his last job.

So, in addition to managing Luna’s schedule with her various services (more about that in another post) I will be playing administrative assistant to Jerry to support his work search efforts: Tailoring his resumes, writing cover letters, etc.

Unemployment has been applied for, as has public assistance.  Thankfully we live in public housing, so we have reported the change in income and our rent will be adjusted accordingly.

It’s just so disheartening and frustrating.  Less than a week ago we were planning how to make the transition from relying on any of these things and looking forward to fully transitioning into self-sufficiency.


  1. Sorry to hear about your struggles, it is a difficult time and I hope you can dig deep and find that strength to pick yourself up and get right back at it. I wish there was something more that I could do than to offer my thoughts and well wishes but I do hope that something good comes your way soon.
    I will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.


    1. Mary,
      (((Hugs))) Glad you found something to help make ends meet. It was difficult for Jerry to begin with because he had been unemployed and ran through all of his extensions about the time he got the OTR driving job in March. That’s basically the only reason he took that job, since he didn’t want to be away from his family for weeks at a time. Thanks for your encouragement and support.


  2. So very sorry to hear all of this. You know our prayers are with you. Dan remains unemployed w/o unemployment income from his over the road trucking job that he lost the 23rd of July for reasons you know, because you were so merciful to be there with me through picking him up at the bus depot after his 4 day long ride home from Georgia. I can appreciate what you are going through. God has been merciful as well, though, for us financially. Yes, we went to Senior and disability services and received food assistance, but, no insurance as yet for Dan…I still have mine as they chose not to change that. His final check was good, but, ran out. He cashed out the 401K that he had started with this company and that has run out. He got a small inheritance from his mom after her passing this last May and that is close to running out. When all this happens, we only have my disability to rely on and that won’t get all the bills….just the rent. Oy vay! I do know your pain and stress. I have been working hard around the house to pair down on unnecessary items so that if we should have to move we will have a lighter load. What is frustrating is my loving husband sits on his butt all day playing on his computer…not looking for work. We did start a claim with SSA for his disability and he thinks that is miraculously gonna come overnight and all will be well. AAAARRRRGGGHHH! If not for the peace our Heavenly Father can only give, I would be pulling my hair out. I am getting a bit snarky, however, you can imagine. I should begin my own blog space. LOL
    I love ya, Girl and know that I am here for you as much as I can be.


    1. Tami,
      Thank you. I’m glad you’ve had the cushion to carry you through this far. I can completely identify with the frustration level of watching the other person not doing the things that you know need to be done and not really having the ability to do anything about it. Jerry paid $90 to renew the Norton Antivirus software on our computers today. Not able to see that the money should be saved to go toward essential services, or not being able to identify what’s essential. AAAARRGGGHHH is right. My own snarkiness is humming right beneath the surface. Love you too. I appreciate your support and encouragement.
      Be well,


  3. Sorry to learn of the loss of income for you and Jerry. I know that a loss of income could bring a lot of stress on both of you. I just found out a little while ago that my dear grandson who lives with me “borrowed” my car last night while I was sleeping and took some friends of his to the hard rock cafe. Well, the car wouldn’t move when he was leaving to come home, He thinks it is the transmission. Now I will have to call a towing company to take the car to a garage so it can be repaired. I’m sitting here wondering how much money is this unexpected expense is going to cost me. Talk about stress….I’m there with you.


    1. It is definitely a stressful time, but I don’t think it’s more so than other times, necessarily, just switching the focus of what is causing stress I guess. Maybe it’s just pushing the other stress aside for the moment.

      Gotta love the younger members of our families who don’t understand or consider how their choices and actions cost and affect the rest of us. Good luck in getting through your stress.



  4. Can I swear here? If so, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. If not, please accept daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.
    What a shitshow this is. Jerry getting screwed like that. SO unfair. Employers can be real tyrants. Inhuman. And being broke is totally demoralizing. It’s hard to stay positive or get well with the stress of poverty constantly hanging over your head. This won’t last, you can be sure. One foot in front of the other, and all that.


  5. Oh no! Sorry you’re having to deal with all this. Maybe something better is in the works, as it sounds like the job he just left wasn’t that great anyway.

    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!


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