Knock, knock

If you truly want it, ask

To find what’s needed, seek earnestly

Take the initiative, step up, knock

On the door to the future

The words are easy to say

The actions are hard to take

When all thoughts, impulses and feelings

Rise up, swirl around, and converge

A mass of competing and conflicted

Urges, regrets, desires, sorrows, hopes, fears

Contracting, constricting my ability to breathe

Expand, fogging my capacity to think

In the midst of overwhelming emotion

Stalling any and all forward momentum

Quelling and quenching the fire within

Leaving one faint and sputtering spark

To fuel the energy and effort

To ask, to seek, to knock



  1. In the midst of all that whirls around in our heads, it’s sometimes hard to remember to break out and ask or knock! Well said! (and I love what you said in that reply just above…about what’s going on in our heads being a vacation for someone else…isn’t it always interesting what others see in us that sometimes we can’t!!?!}


    1. Adrienne,
      You are so right. Although, in my case it’s less about remembering to reach out and more a function of having isolated and ostracized myself to the point that there is a shortage of those to hear my request and a willingness to answer the knock. Thankfully, that seems to be in transition, to a small degree.

      It is good to hear other people’s voices to countermand my own.

      Be well,


      1. dinada. As I work in 20-minutes here and 30-minutes there in birthing tomorow’s post, you have become a mental vacation I can check into for awhile and then? It’s all better. You are so very cool. Dan


        1. Wow. It’s odd to think that the thoughts in my head and the life I live can be a vacation for someone else when I wish I could get away from them most of the time. Good to know and I can’t wipe this incredulous grin off my face from the knowledge. It takes one to know one. You are among the kings of cool in my book.


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