A little courtesy please

I know you’re upset and having a hard time because that b**** done stepped wrong;
And you aren’t hurting anyone by telling someone who has been your support all along;
But since you are making your private business public while waiting in line for the bus,
Have a little courtesy and refrain from base language around the rest of us.

I understand you’re here to cool off, play and have fun;
Laughing, chasing and splashing to cool off from the sun;
Have a little courtesy and look around you too;
And be careful of the ones who are littler than you.



  1. Oh my goodness! Someone who still belives in common courtesy! I think this poem could go on and on–and include the line at the grocery store, being a good neighbor and a good house guest–and what about the courstey on the road?!
    Thank you for the gentle reminder, gentle Human.


    1. Robin,
      I’m certain you are correct. Those were just two specific incidents that I encountered on Friday and Saturday. It has a bit of an incomplete feel, but, somehow, that feels appropriate.

      Thank you for stopping by.

      Be well,


  2. Good reminders. We all have many opportunities every day to practice courtesy toward others, including lots of strangers. I’ll be glad when everyone begins to take advantage of those opportunities for better behavior.


    1. Keith,
      I think it may be time to lay that misnomer to rest and begin celebrating uncommon courtesy when we witness or experience it. It’s difficult to hold people accountable for that which they have not been taught. And since we haven’t lived their lives we can’t assume it’s a lesson they’ve forgotten. So, to temper my ire when I witness discourteous acts mean that I must teach through example and not judgmental righteousness. I needed a reminder of that.
      Be well,


      1. I think you are right when you say that sometimes people may not be taught common courtesy but there is still a certain amount that you learn from living in and being part of a society. I am usually vexed when people seem to prioritise themselves over all others all of the time and show a blatant ignorance to even acknowledge the presence of other people in the world.
        I too am still learning to temper my judgemental attitudes at times but I will get there eventually.

        I hope you are doing well



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