Found in July: Freedom

Free from anger

Freedom to receive

Free from resentment

Freedom to give

Free from vengeance

Freedom to comfort

Free from bitterness

Freedom for peace

Free from fear

Freedom to hope

Free from self

Freedom to love








  1. Love it. Using you’re talents to help others find peace and not just using your blog as your own private bitch fest. Well done!!


    1. Did I miscount? I was half asleep this morning and having formatting problems, so I may have accidentally deleted a pair. Hmmm, I’ll have to look at that.

      Thank you for stopping by. Some of these are things that I am in the process of seeking, but can see them happening as a result of what I have found up to this point.

      Hope for the future.

      Be well,


    1. Wow, Athena. Way to move me out of my comfort zone.
      (2) I’m committed
      (3) I’m persistent
      (4) I’m determined
      (4) I’m continually learning
      (5) I’m willing to risk
      (6) I’m open minded
      (7) I’m loyal
      (8) I admit my mistakes
      (9) I’m smart
      (10) I’m creative
      How’s that?


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