Award yourself and pay it forward

I have been on the receiving end of a lot of awards lately. I was trying to do a post for each one, but they started to happen so fast and close together, I couldn’t keep up.  So, I created a “parking lot” to hold onto them, until I could get around to properly accepting them and do my part to “pay it forward.”

While I genuinely love and appreciate the recognition and validation coming my way from my readers, I am requesting that anyone seeking to nominate me for an award, especially if it’s one already noted here, bypass me and find another who hasn’t received the recognition and validation they deserve.  After all, it’s supposed to be “pay it forward” and not “pay it back,” right?

There are a couple of other reasons for the delay in me doing my “acceptance” posts: First, there are other subjects clamoring for my attention. If I were to do a post for each award, it wouldn’t be possible to follow my muse and allow the words wanting to be read to be written. Secondly, I’m uncomfortable with praise and recognition.  I’ve done an o.k. job at accepting the first few awards.  Now I’m starting to feel overwhelmed and don’t want to be churlish by refusing to accept the validation, recognition, and appreciation others are showing. Besides, I really don’t think everyone wants to read about me getting one award after another.

Thankfully, my friend Athena Brady had a brilliant idea that inspired me on how best to “pay it forward.”

So far in my travels around the blogosphere, I have not found any blog that did not deserve recognition for one reason or another.  It isn’t just about writing well or putting up content that will gain readers and followers.  It’s about putting yourself out there, showing up and, ready or not, taking the risk.  Any of my readers who are also bloggers, whatever reason or niche you may have for your blog, you are doing something that inspires, illuminates, is lovely, shows a sign of strength and hardiness, promotes “sisterhood,” shows versatility, or shares beauty. Each and every one of you is fabulous in your own way.

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So, if any of these awards resonate with you and you feel it fits your blog, please take one or more for yourself, and pay it forward.  Below is a list of the brilliant, beautiful, caring, and sharing bloggers who have been so generous in their support and encouragement of me.  All links go to a post or website showing badges, rules, and other worthy blogs.  Follow the links, explore the awards, find the rules, award yourself, and discover new worlds.

Have fun and enjoy.



I will eventually do an acceptance post for each award received, but this will have to do for now.


  1. Hi K, I think you will end up with all awards soon – here is my contribution to your list….the very inspiring blogger award – I think it is the one that is closest to describing your outward way of thinking about issues and the world. And eventually ourselves. Up to you if you pass it on….it will be in a queue I suspect! All best wishes, John


    1. As a result of this I actually am considering starting my own award for those who are in the process of sharing ESH in using their blogs as healing confessionals to share with others. What do you think? Any good image ideas?


    1. HA! There you go, causing me to edit my post and page. Oh well, I guess if I had to choose a problem this is a good one to choose, eh?

      Thank you, very much. Consider yourself served. . . notice to appear on your post. ahem.

      Be well,


  2. Ok, so I came by and read this after I did my latest post, of course. And yes, I did mention you in my Sunshine Award that I just posted tonight. But when I do these (and yes, they’ve all been going around and around the UBC) it’s not so much that I think the bloggers I recommend should have to feel obligated to do anything, but just that I like the blog and want to share it with my readers.

    I really like what you’ve done here with this post. Just another example of why I enjoy your blog. 🙂


    1. Melissa,
      LOL. Thank you. I will edit and add you and your nomination into my acceptance and parking lot. I don’t think that anyone obligates us, we obligate ourselves. Or, at least I tend to do it to myself. I think it stems from the inner habits of people pleasing that rose from insecurity and low self-esteem, a lifetime ago. To be perfectly truthful, my own internal stinkin’ thinkin’ started happening when I was seeing some of the newer nominations and it was a warning sign for me. That’s kind of where my “Tyranny of nice” post came from.

      Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and nominating. You are a treasure.
      Be well,


      1. I don’t think that anyone obligates us, we obligate ourselves. Or, at least I tend to do it to myself. I think it stems from the inner habits of people pleasing that rose from insecurity and low self-esteem, a lifetime ago.
        Yes! This is exactly what I was referring to in my own post! I’m just so tired lately that I don’t always think as clearly as I’d like. I’m not sure that low self-esteem exactly triggered my tendency to be a people-pleaser, but my insecurity is deeply rooted and not likely to let go any time soon.


      2. Oh, I forgot to add, that I fully expect you to select an award for yourself. If only because you have begun the LML ~ Love My Life movement to counteract the negativity of it’s proliferate opposite.


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