Loving Your Loved Ones Correctly (re-blogged from The Daily Retort)

Loving Your Loved Ones Correctly (re-blogged from The Daily Retort)

Sometimes, I find it hard it to love loved ones. Not because I don’t actually love them, but because I do not love them correctly. I say “I love you”, but I do not display it in my actions!

. . . 

I choose to love you – not due to a feeling, but as a commitment.

However, I want to apologize for the incomplete nature of my love.

I may declare my love, but I do not always show my love; my actions are not necessarily reflective of my commitment.

This was a powerful reminder to me, as I have been less than loving toward the ones I love lately.  Especially the one most vulnerable.  


Help me to be the love Luna needs.




  1. Great reminder. Hubby needs tough love about his weight. Been thinking of it for a while now, but that means a lot of work on my part, which I seem to be unwilling to exert the effort for yet. Need to get my priorities straight.


    1. That’s a tricky one. As someone who struggles with weight issues, sometimes the way tough love is presented can seem like judging, demeaning, and undermining. And that may have nothing to do with the message and intent of the one administering the tough love, but to do with the internal programming and history of the recipient. Good luck.
      Be well.


  2. This is what I write about again and again on my blog in subtely and not so subtely different forms. Love is not a feeling. And when we love others only when we’re feeling loving, then we’re not really loving them, we’re using them, and we’re wounding them with our “love.” Great repost. Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Well, then, read through my recent Home Time series to see the commitment to love in action in spite of the absence of emotion…warning: it’s pretty dense and not pretty at all.

      Oh, and thank you for stopping by and commenting. I just read through your post Thoreau on Love and had to share it on the other networks.

      Be well,


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