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Let’s Play Tag

 Teresa from floatingwiththebreeze tagged me in this game, ten days ago, when I was dealing with some heavy duty things in my world.  Sorry it took so long, but I’m happy to forge on ahead and participate.  In a way it’s kind of like getting an award, without actually getting the award.  The rules are quite similar in many respects, but the pressure is off to feel as though there is a responsibility to live up to the honor associated with receiving the award and the obligation to pay it forward in a way that validates the writing and content choices of other bloggers.

Blog tag: The Rules

  1. Post the rules
  2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
  3. Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged (or use the existing ones)
  4. Tag (eleven) people with a link to your post
  5. Let them know they’ve been tagged

Teresa’s Questions

1. What is your first childhood memory? Riding in a car at night along a quiet, dark road and coming up, over a hill and seeing a multitude of bright city lights.

2. Do you play a musical instrument and, if so, what? I can play the scales on a piano/keyboard, but that’s about it.

3. Do you always feel confident about your posts once published? That’s a tough one.  I’m not always confident it will be well received because I tend to write densely about weighty things.  So, frequently I question the presentation.  However, I’m fairly confident of my writing ability and I’m pretty good at editing as I go.  Therefore, I believe readers, as long as they connect with the content, will be able to understand and perceive that which I am trying to convey.

4. What scares you? The thought that because of my relationship choices with the father of my youngest child, the relationships I have with my two oldest children may never heal and grow.

5. Do you read the newspapers? No, I don’t.  If there is a newsworthy matter, I will hear about it enough and then do the internet research to find out the details.

6. What is the main inspiration for your creativity? I don’t really consider myself to be a creative person, though I guess that’s subjective. If this question is referring to what and how I write on my blog then it stems from dealing with my emotions in the circumstances of my life.

7. Do you take time out for yourself? I’ve started to with the writing I do on this blog. I need to get more balanced with other areas of self-care.

8. Are you doing what you love? When I’m writing I am.

9. Have you ever had any unusual experiences happen to you that you can’t explain? Yes . . . and no.  I have thoughts about what was happening at those times that would explain it.  However, my explanations are more based in beliefs and preferences rather in concrete, scientific evidence.

10.What would you like to be remembered for? Overcoming the adversities and barriers in my life and from the generational patterns in my family and forging a new direction for my branch of our family tree.

11.Do you remember your dreams when you wake up in the morning? Not usually.

My Questions

  1. What is the thing that makes you want to get out of bed each day?
  2. What do you tell yourself to get through painful, difficult, or challenging times?
  3. What can you look back on and remind yourself you were successful at or were strong enough to come through?
  4. Look around you at this moment and choose one thing to smile about or be thankful for. What is it?
  5. If you could do anything at this moment to make yourself happy, what would it be?
  6. Do you have a special place, real or imagined, where you go to in your mind or reality to regroup, seek peace, or just be?
  7. Has there been a particular book that you have read that inspired or motivated you to seek your possibilities?
  8. What childhood fable, fairytale, or movie stretched your imagination and sticks with you today?
  9. What is your favorite form of art and artist (anyone and anything you consider art qualifies)?
  10. Do you have a personal anthem, a song that reminds you of who you are and want to be, that represents the ideal of you?
  11. What did you experience while answering these questions?

Tag! You’re it*


If you like this game and want to join in, please feel free to tag yourself in my comments and create your own post with a link back to this post. The more, the merrier!


If I have tagged you and you are already too busy, overwhelmed, or just not in the right head space to play along right now, that’s ok.  It took me almost two weeks to play.  No worries if you can’t play right now, there is also no obligation to play.  If you would like to play but need to wait, just bookmark it and put it in a draft, then whenever you have a break or need a quickie post, you can do it at your leisure.  I figure this is a way to have fun and get to know fellow bloggers and drive traffic their way. It shouldn’t be a chore or create undue pressure.


  1. Thanks for the invite to play. Unfortunately I will not be playing (a lot going on right now), but I’ll be checking out some of your future posts. 🙂


    1. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I certainly understand about having a lot going on. Part of the reason I included you is so some of my readers might get curious and check out your blog. I think you have some good things for people to read.

      Be well,


  2. Thanks Kina for joining in. The replies to my questions were very interesting and I love the questions you asked. Don’t give up on the healing with your children. When my eldest daughter was a teenager we had a lot of problems between us due to my marriage to my second husband. A lady once told me to be patient, it might take ten years, but she will come good. She did, we did and it didn’t take ten years. We are very close now and I am very proud of her. I offer the same message to you, be patient, time will heal. 🙂


    1. Thanks Teresa, I enjoyed participating.

      As far as the relationships with my adult children goes, what will happen, will happen. If you’ve read through my Home Time series, you may get a better sense of why my fear is so real. I’m one of those women that makes people wonder how and why I choose to stay in a difficult and painful relationship. This is especially true of my adult children and until they can reach a point where they can forgive me my choices, separate me from him, and accept me as I am and where I am at, it will continue to be a challenge for us all. Thankfully, I’ve grown and healed enough that I am able to keep the lines of communication open and we are able to make some progress. I also know that the older they get and the more life they live and experience, the more they may be able to understand and/or accept me.


      1. I haven’t read your Home time series, but will over the next few days and yes I agree, keeping the lines of communication open is most important. I wish you well on this difficult journey. 🙂


    1. Hannah,
      So glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed your answers and looking at the questions you came up with. Poor Alan, he’s been double-tagged, lol. BTW, would you mind using only my pseudonym? Thanks,



      1. Sorry, absolutely, I love it by the way. And the idea. I will remove the other reference 🙂

        Blessings in return, Bless Alan in his 30 day challenge!,



  3. So, I know you’ve been getting tons of awards for your blog recently. I thought maybe you hadn’t gotten this one yet and I really do love your blog. I know you are swamped right now so if you decide to participate, please don’t feel rushed or pressured or anything. Just know that I appreciate you and your blog.

    I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award because I feel like you are a “sister” in the blogging world to me.


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