2012 Awards Season: Sunshine Blog Award

It seems that July is Awards Season in the blogosphere, or at least here on Human In Recovery. This is the third post to respond and pay it forward from the cornucopia of awards I’ve been blessed with in the past couple of weeks.



Link the award to the person who gave it to me.

Answer the questions about myself.

Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.

Link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

Since I’m working off of two nominations I’m going to nominate 20 blogs.  The disclaimer is that I haven’t necessarily been following all of my nominees, but each of them have visited, liked, commented, or followed my blog in the past couple of weeks and I have perused what they have to offer.  Also, since I tend to be a bit wordy and find it impossible to answer a question without explaining my response, I’m not going to make everyone read through it all before they bail explore the great unknown.

And the nominees are:

1. Cathy’s Voice Now          2. J.D. Gallagher          3. hurdlestohappiness          4. daphneshadows

5. Lessons from a Rock Star          6. Both Sides Now          7. The Daily Hottentots

8. The Worldbuilder’s Garden          9. The Why About This          10. Life As Olly

11. 4ever21christina          12. How do you eat an elephant?          13. The Matrix Times

14. NC Pendergast          15. sweetpea2200          16. My Inspired Life with Fibromyalgia

17. Blog| Suddenly they all died     18. linneann ~ Everyday life in a “special needs” family.

19. Musings by Ramona          20. A Life Less Scripted

Paloma from Going Bananas first nominated me for this award on July 14th and Mental Mama from Mental in the Midwest nominated me on July 18th.  Of course there are different questions to answer from each of them.  I’m going to answer all of them since it was two different nominations that brought me this award.  My nominees, however, can pick and choose 7 – 10 of these to answer or come up with 7 – 10 factoids about themselves.

Mental Mama’s Questions:                                 Paloma’s Questions:

1. Favorite philosopher:                                        1. Favourite Number:

2. Favorite bad habit:                                           2. Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink:

3. Age:                                                               3. Favourite animal:

4. Favorite time of day:                                        4. Facebook or Twitter:

5. Favorite time of year:                                       5. My Passion:

6. Favorite dead celebrity:                                    6. Favourite Day of the Week:

7. Favorite Christmas movie:                                7. Favourite Flower:

8. Favorite vacation:

9. Physical activity:

10. Favorite thing:

My Responses:

1 M) I don’t have a favorite philosopher, considering I’ve never actually studied or pursued philosophy. As rational, logical, and intellectual as I like to think of myself, I suppose I’m less a philosopher and more of a spiritual seeker of abstract truth.  I don’t know if that makes much sense.  But I believe that there is one “God” who is identified in multiple ways in multiple belief systems and that through the intention and volition of that “God” everything that is was brought into existence.  It is through that intention and volition that all things and beings are connected and interrelated. I believe that “God” meets people where they are in ways that are relevant to them and provides whatever it is they need in order to become. I believe that each person gets to choose whether or not to believe in or engage with “God” and my only directive is to love “God” and love people. I choose to practice my beliefs in the context of Christianity, even though it isn’t always a comfortable or “perfect” fit.

1 P) If I thought in terms of favorite, which I don’t usually do, I would say 7 is my favorite number.  It’s the day I was born. 7 appears to have much significance and symbolism in many religions and philosophies. It is representative of completion and wholeness.  Regeneration tends to happen in cycles of seven, at least I remember reading or learning that every seven years our bodies have had all the cells replaced from what existed seven years prior.  In effect, I am in the first year of my seventh, seven year cycle, and I finally feel like I’m coming into wholeness and completion with the integration of my mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual aspects.

2 M) I guess you could say smoking is my “favorite” bad habit. I’ve smoked off and on since I was 14 years old.  I’ve stopped several times, usually because of pregnancy and raising small children.  Other times I’ve stopped because of pressure and expectations of others.  Currently, I smoke one or two cigarettes once or twice a week.  It is not a habit I want to teach Luna and it isn’t an “affordable” habit, so I really try not to give into the temptation.  However, since two of my biggest triggers also happen to be smokers, I will “bum” one from them on the rare occasion I find myself in their company.

2 P) Thai Tea ~ iced, with milk, called cha yen, is my favorite non-alcoholic beverage. I love it’s strong bracing flavor mixed with the smooth, sweet, creaminess of the milk, and combined with the sharp coldness of the ice.

I found this entertaining video showing it being professionally prepared, without the ice:

Here is a recipe for Cha Yen

3 M) I just turned 43 in June.

3 P) I’ve always been drawn to big cats, especially the black panther.  At one point in my youth, I fostered a mystical belief that my spirit animal was a large, black spotted feline. My favorite pet was an old reformed alley cat my son convinced to adopt us about 14 years ago.  When he first showed up, he was stinky, suspicious and standoffish.  Once he was “fixed” he turned into Mr. Clean and a homebody.  He was a tuxedo short-hair with a loving personality, a loud, broken purr, with an intuitive way of knowing when to force his attentions to offer ease and comfort. He also would lick the skin off of you if he got the chance.  I miss him a lot.

4 M) My favorite time of day is probably first thing in the morning, as long as I’ve actually managed to rest the night before and not wake up having to rush around to get out the door.  The early morning time between when I wake up and when others in my household arise are quiet and peaceful.  I like the coolness and solitude.

4 P) I have both Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Facebook was wonderful in helping me reconnect to important people from different times in my life and has been a good tool for staying connected, at least for voyeuristically witnessing what others choose to share about their lives. Twitter is something I’m barely beginning to use, but it still baffles and overwhelms me. I prefer WordPress. 😀

5 M) I like late Spring/early Summer. Cool in the mornings and late at night, warm without being too hot during the day. Flowering and blooming plants, trees, and shrubs with a multitude of color and shape. It’s a happy, hopeful time full of anticipation and pregnant with possibility. It’s a time of refreshing, rebirth, and renewal.

5 P) I don’t quite know what my passion is.  The passion that drove me in my youth burned out and has lain in ashes, being buried by layers of stress, chaos, and disorder over the years. I’m in the process of sifting and uncovering what lies beneath.  I anticipate that my passion, like the fabled Phoenix, will burst forth and rise again, soon.

6 M) Again, “favorite” isn’t something I really think about.  I think the dead celebrity whose story resonated the most with me is Sylvia Plath. She may not be well known or considered a celebrity by today’s terms.  However, I learned of her writing and her story taking a college literature class.  Her most famous work is The Bell Jar.

6 P) Currently, my favorite day of the week is . . . Monday? Yes, you read it correctly.  Weekends can be very busy and challenging with me home full time with Luna and navigating public transportation to get everywhere we need to go.  Since she’s still in her Early Head Start program until mid-August, once I get her to school on Monday, I can either relax and recover or regroup and clean.

7 M) Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys is my favorite Christmas movie.

7 P) Bird of Paradise is my favorite flower, thanks to my grandmother.

8) I’ve never actually been on vacation.  I lived on O’ahu for a few months and would love to visit the other islands of Hawai’i.  I also would dearly love to visit Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia . . . during their warmer/drier seasons of course.

9) Swimming is my favorite physical activity.

10) My favorite thing? Blogging!



    1. Kristen,
      You are very welcome. I love what you are doing with your blog and how you are taking such a deep personal tragedy and making something of beauty. Trading beauty for ashes. It’s a wonderful gift you share with the rest of us.



    1. Thank you. I have a question. You write children’s books right? My little wants a specific kind of story and I’m not a storyteller of the little kind, but I would love to collaborate with someone who is, because I think she has a wonderful concept, and she’s interested, the other littles would be too, I think


      1. Thanks for thinking of me. I’m afraid my schedule is much too busy to consider a collaboration any time in the near future.

        I’m sure, however, you’re little one won’t mind a story a little rough around the edges. Mine sure doesn’t.


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