The more I loved myself and returned it to those now around me, the easier it became to forgive those who’d wronged me. Turning the other cheek wasn’t weakness. It was an act of civil disobedience. Think about it. To have the impudence to love someone anyway – even after all that had been done all the way around – became my pathway to my redemption.  And when I didn’t hate them anymore, I could let them go.

via LET IT BE on dan4kent


Every. Single. Time.

Each time I’ve “tuned in” to read Dan’s words, they have resonated, connected, and intertwined with points of interests, areas of concern, and pressure plates in my own life and journey. Courage, wisdom, and authentic self-expression are to be found in his realm.



    1. Dan,
      I was just responding to YOU wrote and shared. Without you doing the work and putting it out there, I would have had nothing to respond to or share with those in my realm.


    1. You too. I just returned from your site. Kina is a trouble/match-maker of the highest order. Proof of the pudding is you seeing my FOLLOW. Walk, not talk.


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