I wrote this poem back in 1996.  It’s still true today.

On my own,through my will…my world in chaos…my mind unstill; 
My sense of self, ripped and torn…my mind and soul, shred and shorn. 

Despair and pain reigned supreme…in the Darkness…through the Dream. 
The Truth, unavoidable…the future was Doom. 
The spirit unshakable…proof, in the tomb. 

Light dawning… 
Soul waking… 
Truth searching… 
Thirst slaking… 
Pain taking… 

The Lamb is hunting…the earth is shaking! 

Realization…awsome and wonderous… 
My weakness claims strength from above. 
The word is my weapon, piercing in length; 
My Armor, shining…great in strength… 
The Eternal message of LOVE! 

Washing away guilt, sorrow, shame. 
Forever the same; 
JEHOVAH, the Father, sent our Messiah…CHRIST.. 
The Son suffered our blame…He paid our price 

On the cross, an unbroken Man; 
Guilty of naught…punished for sin; 
A Prophet..a Scholar..a Teacher..a Leader… 
My Savior. 
Where I once was..I am NOT now..Where I have been… 
I know how..I have survived..scarred and scathed…I have fallen… 



  1. Kina your strength and resolve is truly inspiring to me. I can always come here for some inspiration when I feel a little low. This post is another one to add to the collection for inspiration too.


    1. Keith,
      I’m happy to know that these words are inspiring others as I was inspired when I wrote it 16 years ago and as I’ve been recently in my quest to bring it forward to the present.



  2. Beautifully written, wonderfully expressed. Lovely, just lovely and moving as one can sense the inner you reaching out through your words ever closer to faith.


    1. Thank you Penny. It’s been 16 since I wrote it and it amazes me that so much of where I’m at inside of myself today is still reflected in the words of this poem. At first it caused me to question if I’ve grown or progressed at all beyond where I was back then. Upon some reflection I realize that progress has been made in digging through layers and layers of myself, but I’m in both a deeper and higher place than I was back then and that although the words and thoughts are still relevant and resonate with who I am today, that does not signify I am the same as I was then.


    1. Thank you. I remember when it was being written on the word processor, I worked with the formatting to display that even more. I spent a significant amount of time yesterday trying to locate my hard copies of that and my other poetry and have been unable to find it. I kept remembering the first few lines and finally wondered if I’d ever posted it anywhere online, so I googled my own writing. Someone in another forum somehow had posted a copy of it, including my author tag, in an online journal of theirs and I was able to recover it. It was such a blessing to have it come back to me during this period of my life.


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