What has blogging given you?

I started Bloggers Unite! because, at this time, the only thing I’m writing or aspiring to write is my blog.  At some undefined point in the future that may change, but, for me, writing in my blog is my outlet and it’s starting to let me tap into my creativity again.

When I joined WANA every other tribe and most of the chat conversations centered around stories, novels, and publishing.

The majority of blogging references have been about how to support those efforts, which is fine, but I was feeling a bit alone and “left out.”  To be perfectly clear: No one was actually leaving me out of anything. Everyone I’ve met at WANATribe has been wonderfully engaging, accepting, respectful, and encouraging.

However, I blog to blog and for me blogging includes reading, savoring, and being inspired, informed, and engaged by the blogs of others. Visiting the blogs of others, seeing their content, how they put it together and witnessing the interactions between them and their followers is as satisfying as posting my own writing.

Blogging has given me:

  • An outlet for self-expression
  • My “voice”
  • A silent playground to explore the recesses of my inner being and the unlimited expanse of the silent and not-so-silent playgrounds of others
  • A reconnection to The Me I Used To Be
  • Courage to seek out and engage in community
  • Inspiration to explore my own, long dormant, creativity
  • Examples of how diverse, creative, informative, challenging, beautifuf, poetic, artistic, familiar, and connected those of us who are reader-bloggers can be.


What has blogging given you?



  1. Kina, I think you’re right about bloggers sticking together–somewhat. I’ve been going back and forth about getting off Facebook once again and went to the WANATribe that was full of those people like me. But then I started thinking—isn’t one person’s WANATribe another person’s Facebook? And the more I think about it, the more I think (for me) joining another group is just that–joining another group. I don’t think I need to join another group. I started to blog to put my thoughts out there and hope that I could find myself in my writing as well as meet some new people, people with lots of ideas unlike mine, to stretch my mind and get my imagination going in another direction. Well,


    1. Paralaxvu,
      You have to decide what is the priority for you. I’ve got a facebook and it’s how I sort of stay connected to people I care about and sample the sayings, pics, and various and sundry current events and human interest things, yet, it isn’t really someplace where I feel truly connected to community, although there have been a few attempts and opportunities.

      I joined WANATribe because it seemed like a place for me to meet and really engage other creative people who want to share and grow together. That excited me. I founded the Bloggers Unite! within the WANATribe because it’s one area I can focus in on conversations around blogging: how to’s and just be able to scratch below the surface of just another social network.

      You have to do what is right for you and prioritize according to your needs, goals, and the precious allotment of time. I’m just grateful that you choose to spend some of that time by visiting me and commenting. It means a lot.


  2. I started blogging because I like sharing my opinions about things. I started blogging about music because there just aren’t that many people in my life who want to listen to me babble about for hours on end.


  3. Its interesting to hear from a fellow blogger what blogging means to them. I have been blogging for business so I suppose it is less personal for me but I love to share and that is what is important in my blogs.

    Thanks for sharing.



    1. Lynn,
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Even though I started my blog about 6 months ago, I basically just really started “getting into it” during the last month or so. Somehow, the only blogging I’d experienced in my limited travels into the blogosphere had only taken me to the blogs of those who only do personal blogging. I genuinely didn’t realize how much of a business tool blogging is and that there is a large blogging culture that is solely about business promotion. Participating in this challenge and joining the WANATribe have been expanding my horizons in many ways and I thought it would be interesting to share and find out from others what and how blogging has significance in our lives.



    1. Emily,
      Yay! Good to know there are others who experience the same kind of joy and freedom of self-expression and exploration of blogging. We’ve got to stick together!



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