Six Word Friday

It’s day 6 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and, to quote Steve Miller, “Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future.”

There has been so much happening in my life this week and this month, that my head is spinning, my nerves are humming, and I can’t keep up with my thoughts and inspirations, much less checking in and reading all the new blogs I’ve been discovering or continue to sample and discover more new blogs.

Because of this, I was at a loss and feeling the self-imposed pressure to get a post out into the blogosphere in order to meet the commitment and demands of the challenge.  Conversely, I don’t want to write a post, just to write a post and meet some arbitrary quota for the sake of doing the thing.  I want it to have significance and be relevant to me and my life, because if it isn’t, it shouldn’t be in this space that I have dedicated to my journey of recovery and discovery of self.

An angel appeared in the form of one of the new bloggers I “discovered” and started following through the UBC, Melissa Camara Wilkins ~ she has five kids, she drinks tea and she writes things down.  There’s a “thing” she does called Six Word Fridays.  The topic word for the month of July is, “Found.” She asks: “What have you found this week? What’s found you?”

Finding Myself After Losing My Mind

Exploring dark territory, new revelations abound

That which was taken and lost

Hidden, dormant: sought to be found

Following the crumbs and clues left

By a younger, lost, innocent mind.




    1. Melissa,
      You are so right about that. I definitely need to learn the “less is more” when it comes to writing in this blog. So, having someone offer prompts and challenges to think outside of my self-imposed box is a very good thing! Thank you for doing that and thank you for visiting and commenting.



    1. Patti,
      Thank you. It was fun and good to do. It made me exercise some prose/poetry brain muscle I rarely exercise anymore. I kind of surprised myself. Don’t know if it’s any “good” in the critiquing, literary sense, but it had meaning and significance for me and enabled me to express in just a few lines and words some big things that have been going on with me and utilize a more lyrical and metaphorical way of writing than I’ve gotten used to, and that felt good.



    1. Brook,
      I have had many of those just showing up days, especially recently. You’re right, so much of the pressure is self=imposed, I’m working on it. I learned a long time ago that life is a process, not an event and to try to go with the flow, do what can be done today and let the rest go. But it’s challenging to do that. Thank you for the reminder.



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