Finding myself at #MyWANA

Recently I posted about reconnecting to a part of myself that I thought I had lost.  One of the things that I had lost was my sense and ability, my sensability as it were, to really be involved in community with wonderfully witty, snarky, bright, and intelligent folk such as Le Clown from A Clown On Fire and Dotty Headbanger from Notes from a She-Hermit.  What happened next has been quite the roller coaster ride and through that one post, I have come to find many other wonderful and interesting bloggers from all over the world with varied interests and challenges.  The following contains just a few examples:

The Howler And Me

Running Naked With Scissors

Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

My Electronic Jukebox

Brother Jon

and so many, many others.  Look them up here, where Dear Dotty has created a space for us all to find and be found.

However, so much more has happened as a result of the overflowing cornucopia of likes and follows I received.  I found Kristen Lamb’s blog and found out about a new social networking site for creatives called WANATribe.  WANA stands for We Are Not Alone and is where I have already made some wonderful new friends and engaged in actual conversation via the main chat room and gotten a chance to read excerpts and synopses of pre-published works in progress by up and coming authors.  I’ve met a Nerdfighter and learned about the movement against world suck and witnessed beautiful and creative photography.

Here’s a sample list of my newest friends’ blogs:

Chad Carver

Davonne Burns

Athena Brady

I’ve found so many interesting blogs to read and follow I don’t think I’ll ever catch up.  More importantly, I’m rediscovering excitement and playfulness and the creativity that lives inside of me, that I thought life had killed a long time ago.  Turns out it was a banked and smoldering coal waiting to be uncovered and given oxygen and fuel to grow again.

Come catch the spark, you know you WANA!


  1. Thanks for the mention Kina, you are a good friend and you are in good company at WANA. They are a great bunch and we are so pleased to have you join us, you are an inspiration.


  2. Reblogged this on Sorrows Fall and commented:
    Some times we forget we are not alone. We trudge along, never lifting our heads to look around. Slogging through our daily lives we miss opportunities and chances to meet new friends.

    I’m learning to look around and see all the others slogging right along with me. It’s refreshing and enlightening. It also makes me less self centered and more productive.

    MyWANA is a superb tool and social site for those of us who might feel isolated by our creativity. Come join me and see just who and what you find. go be a part.


  3. Thank you so much! I’m excited to see someone else is enjoying the Nerdfighter movement. Hank and John are wonderful people. DFTBA

    I’ll definitely check out this WANA thing. Sounds interesting.


    1. Jon,
      Honestly speaking, I was just introduced to Nerdfighter within the last 24 – 48 hours, through the WANA site because there’s a Nerdfighter Tribe within it and one of the members was talking about it. So, I’ve only just read about them and haven’t had much opportunity to really delve in, but the prospect is exciting. A significant portion of the chat today consisted of a discussion of how WANA’s could cyberstalk either Hank or John via Twitter and recruit them to WANA.

      Hope to see you there.



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