Come Dancing at My Electronic Jukebox.
Thanks for the mention and the invitation.


This is for Kina, who reads my blog and writes so beautifully about her own life at a Human in Recovery.  An invitation, if you will. . .

I’ve always loved this song and its video.  Ray Davies wrote it about his childhood memories of his much older sister going out on dates when he was just a little guy.  It’s one of the sweetest, most tender dedications of love I’ve ever heard.  Davies and the The Kinks often get left in the shadow of The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.  They were the most English of all the British Invasion groups, and far more introspective and intellectual than the other bands (with the major exception of John Lennon, but he’s always in a class by himself).  Some legal/immigration troubles kept them from touring in the U.S. at the height of their success, so they lost a lot of…

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  1. I was watching this and all of a sudden noticed I was dancing in my chair. Then I got up and began dancing in the middle of the livingroom all by myself. Bandit, my dog, joined me. Before I knew it we were having a party just the two of us…and of course, the Holy Spirit, Who is always present but welcome to dance with me! I love this. Thank you for sending it to me.
    I love you, my sister in Courage!


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