A post about how mental illness is treated like the proverbial red headed step child in the world at large. Written by a mental health professional. Correction, reblogged by a mental health professional from counselorssoapbox, by David J Miller. The original post comes from Wawardweed’s Blog

Waywardweed's Blog

Another community fund raiser for a poor soul stricken with a horrific illness. Spaghetti suppers are planned, raffles, prizes, trips to Disneyworld. No doubt it’s for a worthy cause, but where are the helping hands for persons with mental illnesses or their families trying desperately to hold on? Where’s the offer of a ride to the doctor or a neighbor bringing dinner so you can get a break? At best you’ll get an “I’m sorry” and at worst avoidance with someone crossing the street to dodge that strange looking person who happens to be your loved one. Where I live there is even a suit before the State Supreme Court to keep a clubhouse for persons with MI out of a particular neighborhood.

Then there are the obituaries reading Mr. or Ms. X died after a “long courageous battle” with cancer or whatever. Well, what if Mr. X committed suicide due…

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