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If you’ve posted your blog links but forgotten to press the Follow button on the new blog – please will you do it? I know I sound like I’m moaning, and yes, I am moaning, but for a reason – people tend to gravitate towards blogs with more followers and the whole point of this new one is to attract more links from a whole shedload of other blogs we don’t know yet.

Thank you. 🙂



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  1. I follow you all the time. I do want to learn the ‘blog roll’ function though. Is it in any of wordpress tutorial? I like your format. I want to keep growing. Thanks. Dan


    1. Hi Dan,
      Thank you for following and letting me know, I appreciate it.

      One of the bloggers I follow has created a blog that is simply a place for us to add our blogs, according to categories we choose. You can add yourself to this collection by following this link, However, if you want to add links to blogs you like or follow onto a sidebar on your home page, then you do that through the Dashboard, Appearance, Widgets, and Links. I didn’t use a tutorial, I just explored and played around. My blogroll links are kind of behind the times right now. But, you should really check out the Big Blog Collection.



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