The Gambler ~ Creative Writing Project Inspiration

Fellow blogger purplemary54 posted about one of my most memorable childhood favorites, Kenny Rogers’, The Gambler.  Reading through it reminded me of one of my memorable experiences earlier this week, and the following conversation ensued:

Thanks for this. This is one of those generationally epic songs that seems to connect people just by it’s very existence. Earlier this week, I decided to treat my 3 year old to dinner at Denny’s. When we walked into the restaurant, there were two customers on stools at the counter and a couple of servers wandering about. An older gentleman came to the register to claim his winnings from the state-sponsored gambling machine hidden in the back somewhere. While he was cashing out, a general discussion of various forms of gambling ensued. One person mentioned this song, and the next thing you know everyone within hearing distance of the conversation was singing a line of the song. It wasn’t very many people admittedly, but I think we ranged from early 40′s on up into 60+ in age and had no connection with each other, except that we were in the same space at the same time. Then the moment passed and we all went back into ourselves. It was a pretty chill moment.


Now, I’m feeling inspired to get creative with this idea and it’s brand new territory.  So, any readers who want to are welcome to jump in with ideas, suggestions, or stories of their own.  Have fun with it!



  1. Since you got this ball rolling, I’ll comment here. The two stool sitters are old friends who meet at Denny’s once a week for a meal (my dad and one of his friends used to do this). The older gambler is someone’s long lost father. They all happen to be in that Denny’s because of a bad storm.

    After that, I got nothin’.


    1. That’s a good start. How about filling in the characteristics of the two stool sitters? The original people I encountered were a man and a woman who may or may not have been together. He had a book he would read periodically and the other was a woman who had a small notebook that she used as a kind of sketch pad. He was open and friendly and seemed to enjoy watching the antics of my three year old, without being creepy about it. She seemed to be the simple, slightly awkward type who just wants to be liked and doesn’t know how to relate well, but tries anyway. She was actually the one who started the singing, I think.

      But, it would be cool to find out more about the characteristics and qualities of the two old friends who get together weekly for a meal. Did they go to the same place every time? Would Denny’s be their normal venue or was their usual joint closed or inaccessible for some reason? How did they know each other and what was the source of their connection to one another? How old were they and what era did they grow up? Where did they grow up? How much and what kind of education did they have?


Your feedback, thoughts, and input are appreciated.

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