A Funny Thing Happened…

A funny thing happened to me as I was on my way to work this morning.  I was harassed and followed by a crow.  Yep, a big black crow.

After dropping my daughter off at her Early Head Start Program, I was debating getting off the bus a stop early and getting a quick grab & go breakfast from the local hospital cafeteria.  It sounds strange, I know, but it is the closest and most affordable place to grab hot and ready food on the go.  The bus drops me off and it’s a roundabout block to go inside to the cafeteria, order a breakfast burrito, grab a drink, pay, then walk out the other door on my way to work.  It takes less than five minutes and adds about four blocks to my walk, which is a good thing considering the extra caloric intake.  Since this is my last week of work, it will be my last breakfast stop there for quite some time.

Anyway, as I came out the side door and made my way to the sidewalk, there was this big, black crow hanging around.  I glanced at him, as I took a bite of the burrito and kept walking.  A second later he hopped a foot or so ahead of me and to the side.  I looked at him again and said, “Hello,” and continued onward.  Every few steps I would take, he would move ahead and look at me.  I then told him that I wasn’t sharing my breakfast with him and just kept going.  That statement didn’t persuade him and he persisted in matching my forward movement.

I passed a gal who had been advancing toward me from the direction I was headed, and we shared a laugh about the persistence of the bird “following” me.

I figured once I reached the main street, he would stop. He didn’t.  Instead, he took flight and landed on a street sign across the street, then flew across as I was crossing the side street, almost side swiping me with his left wing in the process, where he then landed in a nearby tree.  I heard laughter behind me and swiveled my head to see a hospital staffer pushing equipment across the street.  She laughingly asked, “What did you do to that crow?”  “I refused to feed it,” was my response.

At this point, that bird had essentially hounded my steps for a full block and was swooping from behind to move ahead as well as from one side of me to the other.  This continued for another full block, until he swooped ahead of me to land on overhead lines above the bus stop across the third street I was crossing.  I resigned myself to the company for the remainder of my walk to work and advised him that he could follow me all the way to work, but I would not be feeding him.

A bus was pulling up to the stop as I finished crossing that street and let some people off.  The bird stayed put as I continued on, looking back over my shoulder, occasionally for the next block.  Just as I was crossing the fourth street, a black crow swooped by, high above, calling out and swerved out of sight, opposite of the direction I was heading.



    1. Yes, I’m sure it isn’t unusual behavior, it was just an unusual experience for me. I think the most unusual aspect was me actually taking notice and deciding to take an interest in this incident. I have spent such a significant amount of time and energy cataloguing all the aches, pains, stressors, conflicts, obstacles, etcetera, that it has becomed so ingrained to not observe or take interest in things that aren’t directly related to the crisis du jour. So, this experience, the brief social interactions, and taking the time to record it are signs that I am growing, healing, and progressing – even though it seldom feels like it.


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