I could not have written any better about this subject. While reading it, it seemed as though my own thoughts, feelings, and experiences were being shared.

Infinite Sadness... or hope?

Seriously, I am as normal as you.

This month, in some countries, it is Mental Health Awareness Month.  I should add though, that it’s not in my country (New Zealand).  For some reason our Mental Health Awareness activities happen in October.  So perhaps I’ll re-post this in October for the sake of my kiwi readers.  If you like, you kiwis can take a sneak peek now, and we just won’t tell the NZ Mental Health Foundation.

As regular readers know, I have several mental illnesses  to my name and have been on a journey with them for quite some time.  Perhaps because of that, you might prefer to say I’m not normal.  Fair enough.  As only one in four people will experience mental illness in their lifetime, I recognise that it leaves me in the minority.  But hey, that’s an awful lot of people who will experience something I wouldn’t wish on my…

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