This is too good and too important to not pass it on.


“One day a man named Bill dies. Bill, having been a devout Christian, passes over without too much trouble. Arriving at the Pearly Gates, Bill enters and follows the signs to Reception. Walking up to Front Desk, he’s greeted by Saint Peter who checks him in. Handing the man his welcome package, St. Peter motions the Bell Angel to join them. “This is Gabriel. He’ll be giving you the tour of our facility while we get your mansion ready”. Like a celestial version of Mr. Rourke, Gabriel starts walking with Bill, talking about the infinite amenities of Hotel Heaven, pointing out various points of interest as they glide along. Soon they came to a cavernous shimmering hallway, its floors, paved in gold. “These are our ballrooms. This one is for the Catholics, and next door, we have the Lutherans. That one is for the Methodists and across from them, the…

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