I seem to be stepping out of my avoid reblogging policy today. My appreciation to the Clown for sharing this one. My favorite quote from this post is: “The lines aren’t clear enough to be taking sides, so why bother? “

You Monsters Are People.

I have been to the most hoity of toity fancy-pants black tie affairs, the sketchiest dive bars with people just mainlining drugs in the bathroom like crazy, rap battles, a cello concert, Old Country Buffet, and almost everywhere in between.  As I see it, the only real differences seem to be what people wear, how they talk and the number of places it is considered acceptable to vomit.  Outside of those key areas, the population doesn’t really seem all that different.  Humanity has a lot more in common than not.  We would all like to avoid being cold and hungry, we all like to have real friends and we all just want to feel like we are worth something.  That doesn’t seem like it should be particularly unattainable if we could all just stop stepping on each others’ toes.  But that doesn’t mean disliking other people for ridiculous reasons is…

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