Discombobulated & distracted

Maybe it’s Spring Fever?  Couldn’t be since the snow that fell and caused the local school district to call a 2 hour late start says Spring isn’t happening other than on the calendar.

Ah, that was it: The 2 hour late start for the school district meant I was three hours late to work and since I’d already been awake since 5 am, or thereabouts, after a sleepless night filled with lower back pain (it’s likely I have a herniated disk), a restless toddler, and being ocd about checking my electronic social life and realizing I don’t have one, I was already tired and the new routine I’ve been trying to establish for this week was waylaid.

Factor in the onset of short-timer’s disease: I gave notice at my job this week after realizing it is going to cost my family money to pay for childcare so I can keep working.  There are so many things I need to do in order to prepare to be a good stay at home mommy, that I can’t stop thinking about all the changes I need to make…NOW!

Oh, I’ve been making changes and obsessing over how they are going and how to keep them going while adding on all the changes I still need to make.  The thoughts and ideas, goals, plans and dreams are starting to gush and flow….and, and, and

I’ve done this dance before, a LOT!  Jump on the bandwagon, make a resolution, sign up for an event, start a new project/activity/group.  Start off with a bang and peter out with less than a fizzle.  It’s part of my cycle and pattern.

Glad I can recognize it.  Now, what to do different?

Get back to work, pray for focus, and keep doing what I’ve started doing…I guess.

Dear Jesus,

Just for the next half hour, let me focus on my job and get something done that needs to be done.

Thank you,





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