I try to avoid reblogging, but this is a valuable article for those of us with sleep disruption and a history of trauma, abuse, and mental health issues.


By David Joel Miller.

Trauma alters your sleep.

Trauma, especially the kind that produces Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) alters the brain in a host of ways. One major result of trauma is a change in sleep patterns. Those changes in sleep result in a host of other mental and behavioral changes. Children who are abused or neglected or witness a traumatic event have problems sleeping. Rates of sleep disorders in abused children and adults with PTSD range from 50% to 90%. The majority of all people who experience trauma have a sleep disruption that causes other mental health problems.

While the trauma and the resulting change in sleep often go unreported, other changes in behavior get noticed. These issues frequently follow child victims of trauma into adulthood. Adult victims of trauma have the same types of outcomes and they or others may think they are just acting…

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  1. This is my 2nd blog. I had a strictly poetry blog for a few years but I felt obligated & pressured to constantly post my poems.. So I closed it down before Christmas.. I loved the interaction of other bloggers so only a few weeks ago opened up this blog.
    I learn so many things through writing and blogging.. About myself, others, simple things even..
    It’s a way for me to connect with people just like me or not at all like me but with one common goal. Trying to get through this thing called life..
    I love blogging!!!!


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