Life happens

It seems like much longer than five days since my last post, but at the same time it feels as though time has been standing still, in a way.  Perhaps that’s because I haven’t been actively doing anything about anything, just going through each day as it happens.

Monday was the day set aside to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and we were being inundated with dire predictions of snow and ice – which barely happened. People were jokingly calling it the snowpocalypse.  While in other parts of the country, Tennessee was having a tornado warning.  The snow pack on the mountain is non-existent, and it’s been way too dry, but there are those of us, who, while we know it’s bad for the environment, are grateful for the reprieve from normal heavy winter weather.

That evening I got a frantic phone call from my 18 yr old daughter.  She and her 15 yr old friend had just been hit by a car.  Miraculously, no serious injuries, but it was a very close thing.  When I first saw her, she was on a backboard, with a neck brace and strapped down to the table, with the left side of her head covered in blood.  After x-rays showed no broken bones and her left ear was cleaned and stitched up, she basically looked like she’d been in a sporting accident.

It wound up being a family field trip to the E.R. – my son and a friend showed up while I was there with my youngest and her dad.  At one point the other girl’s mom was in the room gathering their belongings.  My son told her that instead of thanking her lucky stars, she should be thanking God and that her guardian angels were in their own E.R. at that moment – triggering a bit of an argument about faith, belief, and her right to believe or not believe.  Right after this, my son’s friend told us we were the family everyone hates (loud, argumentative, and boisterous). Less than a minute later, a staff member came and closed the sliding glass doors for quiet.  Then, just before discharge the nurse kicked the remaining people out, other than me.

Tuesday was more cold weather warnings of the snowpocalypse and it was also the morning that my toddler’s father got sick after working out at the gym and his upper plate fell out of his mouth and broke in two.  No insurance means it’s going to cost close to $2,000 to get it replaced. Then I got another call from my oldest daughter stating the clinic was refusing to make a follow up appointment for her since her state medical insurance wasn’t showing on file.  So, I spent more time calling to find out about the cost of denture replacement and deal with the state health insurance issue for my daughter, than actually getting work done.  All of this added to PMS and I was kind of crabby and out of sorts.

Wednesday morning, we woke up to slushy snow and ice covered ground and I got a call from the school district stating two hour late start.  So, the toddler was home for the morning and, since I was achy and had a sleepless night, I called and told my manager I would be into work two hours late.  Fast forward three and a half hours and the snow is mostly gone with large puddles and traffic splashing pedestrians with waves of gross water.  I got almost all the way to work (I live less than half a mile away from my office) and there was a broken limb, still attached to the tree, completely blocking the sidewalk.  So, while trying to walk around it, I lost my footing and fell down hard on my right hip and elbow.  No real damage, but I was frozen, soaked, muddy, and more achy than ever.  So, I got a ride home from our maintenance guy, and went home for the day.  Took some naproxen and curled up under the blankets and hung out with the family.

Yesterday was fairly productive and non-eventful, other than my oldest daughter and her friend hobbling by, without warning, in the early evening.  After work, we had a late lunch and went to Walgreen’s and picked up some denture repair stuff. Took a break at a local coffee shop for a white chocolate mocha and a chai, then went and picked our youngest up from her Early Head Start program. Domino’s for dinner.

Then this morning, I found out that someone who has been a key source of spiritual support and encouragement, had a stroke earlier this week, and is recovering.  I also ran into another friend and we talked about making some time to connect and get together.

In the midst of all of this, I’ve read some blogs and writing of others that have given me thoughts and ideas that are simmering and percolating in the back of my mind.  I’m sure I’ll be doing more than just writing placeholder updates, in the not too distant future, but not sure how long it will actually be.  So, instead of feeling anxious and frustrated for not having profound thoughts to write and staying on top of my program, I’m being content to let things go according to their flow.  Kind of a new concept to just accept that life happens as it happens.


Your feedback, thoughts, and input are appreciated.

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