How to achieve happiness?

RECOVERY MEDITATIONS – One Day at a Time – January 4,  2012
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Happiness is an achievement brought about by inner productiveness.
People succeed at being happy by building a liking for themselves.
Erich Fromm
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I get these meditations sent directly to my work email inbox, under the premise that I will have something that will help me stay focused on my recovery, which is unavoidable, on a daily basis.  What generally happens is I don’t even check it and then tend to skim over it, if I even open it up.  However, having it right there, especially when I’m in the limbo land I’m currently in, can be extremely helpful when I am otherwise entirely consumed with inertia and apathy.

Since I didn’t come into the office yesterday ~ apathy & inertia at work ~ this was one of the first things I saw when I opened my email at work today.  I didn’t really read past the quote.  Later on, through an email recovery group loop, which I also receive in my work email, the daily topic was on this meditation.

I’ve never thought of happiness as an achievement – something that has to be worked for in order to be attained or gained.  Nor have I ever considered the concept of inner productiveness, at least not consciously.  Although, now that I come to think of it, I have realized for quite some time that there is a distinct lack of inner productiveness on my part, even if I didn’t understand what that was.  Amazing how this one sentence holds so much to consider, reflect on, and think about.  Now comes the hard one, “People succeed at being happy by building a liking for themselves.”  Wow.

Well, that certainly explains why there are so many people in my life who are unhappy ~ including me.  We don’t like ourselves.  I especially have very little liking for my self.  I don’t like the outcomes of the choices I’ve made.  I don’t like many of the choices that didn’t feel like choices at the time.  I don’t like that I have an excuse, explanation, or reason for every thing that I’ve said or done that negatively or harmfully impacted others and myself.  Since, I don’t like those things about myself, I certainly have no liking for them in others, although, it’s easier to fool myself into being tolerant and accepting of them in others.

So, now for the rubber meets the road part of the meditation

One Day at a Time . . .
Am I going to try being happy?
Am I going to make friends with myself?
If not today, when

Well, we’ll see.  Right now all I can do is, once again, return to the first three steps and admit that I’m powerless over my own self-hatred and that it’s brought my life into a state of unmanageability.  Realize that there is a power greater than myself, God, who can bring me out of self-hatred and bring me into sanity (happiness), and make the decision to turn my will (self-hatred) and my life over to God, trusting that God is in control, loves me, and is bringing me through this.


Your feedback, thoughts, and input are appreciated.

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