Trusting in future provision

So, yesterday, during the morning prayer group I’ve been attending the last week or so, I was advised to take “one day at a time” and trust that God will give me what I need to get through each day and to stop trying to figure the future out.

I have this tendency to think things out to the nth degree and postulate what the consequences and outcome can or will be for each word or action spoken, especially in regards to the person who I have attached myself to in a long-term, toxic, co-dependent, co-parenting relationship.  A relationship which changed drastically 3.5 weeks ago.

This isn’t the first time we have separated households.  We joined in 1996 & separated in 1997, then merged again in 2000, separated in 2001, back together in 2003, apart in 2005 and back together in 2007.  When not together, we each can make healthier, more constructive choices in finances, communication, emotional, and spiritual.  However, together we are a HOT MESS!!!

I keep going



  1. This is a post from two years ago that I rediscovered on an old Live Journal account. I have decided to try to recapture the various “posts” I’ve put in various online accounts over the years and consolidate them all here. Thanks for reading!


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