Finding Family

So, for a variety of reasons, which shall remain unnamed for now, I decided to do an online search for my father on Wednesday, March 17, 2010. I had attempted this search for him previously in 2003 without any success.

I started off by doing a Google search on his name and found a previous posting I submitted in 2003 on So, I signed up for their 14-Day Free Trial and updated my search. I found records of the marriage & divorce of my parents which led me to other records that may have related to my father. I identified a few cities that he may have been in over the years and used those to do a search and found a potential match.

I called and left a message on the anonymous answering machine twice that day and sent off a snail mail note.

He called me the next day!

Since then, I’ve spoken to my sister. Because of her, I finally decided to open a Facebook account and now I’ve been connected to a lot of family I never knew I had, the majority of which reside in Mexico.

Apparently, my father was one of 15 children born to his mother – 9 boys & 6 girls. I have 4 uncles and 6 Aunts, 1 grandmother, 1 sister, 1 brother, a sister-in-law, and two nieces, and a whole bunch of cousins.

This has been very exciting and I’m sure the next few days, weeks, and months will be very full as we get to know each other.



    1. Yeah, this was a fairly significant event in my journey. It’s difficult to realize it’s been almost three years since I found that part of my family. Not a lot has changed even though finding them kind of changed everything. They all mostly live in Southern California and Mexico.

      I never really got into the whole genealogy thing. However, I did enjoy watching Who Do You Think You Are?


    1. James,
      Thank you. I actually just transferred that over from my Facebook Notes. This happened back in March 2010. I backdated the publication date. I didn’t realize it would go out to you guys that fast.

      It has been an interesting journey and I refer to it a little bit in the post I’m currently working on.



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